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John McCann & Associates, Inc. offers computer services, solutions and support for small business and home computer users, since 2005.

Priority #1: Your productivity. Your work is important, allowing you to complete your job takes precedence over us completing our work. We specialize in the smart use of remote access, work from anywhere capability. We use and implement only the best industry leading technologies. We keep you on the leading edge innovation. We value productivity first. We strive for 100% up time for your office computer operations. And... we do what we say.

We aim to always save you time, money and frustration. Save Time: Our professional techs quickly solve familiar problems, automate and monitor operations for you. Save Money: For businesses with less than 20 employees, outsource your computer and network support. Avoid Frustration: Focus on your business and customers. Let us focus on your computer operations.

We guarantee the first month of your computer support agreement with us. If you are not completely happy, we will return your money!

Focus on your business.

Let us focus on your computers.

Latest Tech Tips


    At one of our more recent “Brain Storming” sessions, Tom brought up a very interesting point: “We fix computers, because people don’t understand the dangers of the Internet.”  What a powerful statement, everyone absorbed Tom’s comment and for one of those incredibly inspiring and brief seconds, we were one in thought and it silenced us. […]

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  • Internet Parental Control

    Television has Parental Controls to keep the bad things away from our kids, but what about the Internet? How do you protect your child while he/she is doing their online homework? As parents, we strive to protect our kids from all potential dangers in the world, both physical and digital.  There are services that can […]

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  • Password Security

    Hackers make the evening news regularly, attacks on Internet giants like: Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Target are big news because they contain our personal information. How does Mega-Giants like Facebook get hacked…Aren’t they in the Super Software industry with tons of security? Well, yes they are, but it’s not them actually getting hacked, it’s you! […]

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