Computer Repair Shop, Lake Norman, NC

When you choose our computer repair shop, you’ll find the resources you need in Lake Norman.

Computer Repair Shop in Lake Norman, North Carolina

When your computer is running slowly or has a virus, it can seem like an impossible task to do just the basics. At John McCann and Associates, Inc., we are here to help when you need resources that get your computer back up and running efficiently in Lake Norman, North Carolina. At our computer repair shop, we’ll make sure you get the solutions you need so viruses and other technical issues don’t slow you down.

  • PC & Laptop Repair – When you need spyware and malware removal, you can rely on us at our computer repair shop to provide both PC and laptop repair services. It is also common to solve your problems remotely or simply come to you.
  • Internet Help Desk – We are also here to help when you have internet connectivity issues or need Wi-Fi support to get online. We can troubleshoot the issue and provide fast solutions, so you can get back to surfing the web.
  • IT Services – Our team has 100+ years of experience and offers business-class business analysis with a variety of IT services for both home and business computer users. We’ll partner with you to get the best results.

Contact us at John McCann and Associates, Inc. today if you are looking for a computer repair shop that can help you get the most from your computer.


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