What could be worse than getting to your office, with a busy day staring you in the face and your PC won’t boot?  Before throwing it out the window, here are a few things that may help.

First, settle down!  The data you have on your computer is still there and retrievable, maybe not just at this moment.  Whenever a computer will not start, the files stored inside are fine, so relax.

  1. Most likely your machine is not receiving power, check all power supplies to make certain
  2. Inspect the surge protector; many times a power surge will kick the surge protector off.
  3. The wall outlet must have power, try plugging another item into the outlet, I like to use a small night light.
  4. Breakers can easily get tripped by a power surge, check the main breaker and the one to your office.
  5. Once you have established that you have power to the PC, check the On Button.  Highly unlikely that is the issue, but it’s best to cover all bases.
  6. Unfortunately, if you are certain of power and the On/Off button is OK, it’s time to call the IT Guy, because it sounds like the motherboard has expired.
  7. Finally, if at any time during your power testing, you smell something burning, or an unusual odor, stop immediately and disconnect all power to the PC.  Call a computer repair professional for assistance.


John McCann
John McCann & Associates